Friday, June 29, 2007

veggie martini's

veggie martini
martini's for three chair
Another true sign of summer is a fresh garden martini! Especially ones that are shared with friends and family. Aahhh. Cheers to a bountiful harvest.

Topic: martini!


Rick Rockhill said...

ooo those veggie martinis look refreshing! Nice work!

Unknown said...

Oh wow... you're making me thirsty! I'm thinking garlic-stuffed olives in mine, please. ;)

Angie said...

ahhhh how refreshing and delicious that looks!! How about a recipe to go along with that picture? Yum Yum!

kathy said...

Recipe is pretty simple!

Chill glass in the freezer.
Add some crushed ice.
Then add veggies (my favorites which are shown are hot peppadew , almond stuffed olives, a slice of radish, and cocktail onions.
Add 2 drops dry vermouth.
Add gin.

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