Wednesday, June 20, 2007

potato beetle

potato bug
I found this guy on my potatoes this morning and looked him up. Surprise - he's a potato beetle: Threelined Potato Beetle (Lema trilineata). I'll have to watch out for him. But for now I just took his picture and left him alone.

Solanum tuberosum


Adekun said...
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Adekun said...

I see your having fun with your new camera. The macros have come out especially well. I miss my old film SLR, despite the phaffing about. It would be nice to get a digital one, nappies come first.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the id of this beetle. I've been looking for it without much luck.

They've just begun to munch on our Tomatillos. It is interesting the have not seemed to have found our potatoes yet. The pest in residence in our potato patch are currently the Colorado potato beetle which look quite a bit different.

Anonymous said...

Hi! Me and my friend are doing a project on the potato beetle! thanks for the info!

Julia Erickson said...

Thanks for helping me identify my pest. I just did a post on how I get rid of them (organically):