Thursday, June 21, 2007

Dorothy Perkins

dorothy by the garden rose by fence
Dorothy Perkins is the big old rose by my vegetable garden. It shades a lot of my vegetables, but rewards me with beautiful pink blossoms, which are just beginning to open on this first day of summer. Dorothy is a classic rambler rose developed in 1901 and said by some to be one of the most famous of all roses. It was in my yard before I came here in 1991 and dug up my vegetable garden. Its flowers are a slightly different color every year. Depending on how much sun it receives, they range from a deep magenta to a sun-bleached pink with speckles of white. This year it is the darkest shade I have seen, which shows how many cloudy days we have had and how large the trees near it are growing. Its one of my favorite photo subjects.

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