Saturday, June 23, 2007

no scapes :(

garlic stems
garlic bulb garlic 2 garlic 3
I keep checking my garlic for scapes, since I read about them on many gardening blogs and I see them now at the Farmer's Market. This is the first year I have grown garlic. Last fall I planted some of my commercial bulbs from the local supermarket. Sadly, no scapes. I quess I have "softneck garlic".

As Farmer MaryJane explains: Commercial garlic growers from warmer climates (for example, in Gilroy, California) use "softneck" garlic varieties that are readily machine harvested and do not produce scapes. Garlics that are well adapted to colder climates (also known as "hardneck" or "topset" varieties), which also store better and peel more easily than softneck varieties, do produce scapes. Garlic growers cut scapes to enhance bulb growth. The scapes are usually discarded, but recently their value as a unique food has been discovered.

Another new thing for me! I'll have to order some topset garlic for next year.

I did dig down to look at what's going on underground. There is a little garlic bulb forming - that's good news. And yes, those are my fingers - dirty as usual.

Allium sativum

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