Saturday, September 11, 2010

baby lemons

meyer's lemons 2
meyer's lemons 3 lemons

I took a bunch of photos of the lemons on my Meyer lemon tree just now. Its still blooming and setting fruit. But today's lemon count was a little lower than my last one - 26 instead of 33. Maybe a few have dropped off, but its hard to count them, so the difference may be just my counting.

meyer's lemons 1


Missy said...

Too cute!

Thomas said...

Hi Kathy, the Meyer lemon tree naturally sheds excess fruit it cannot handle. I remember getting clusters of 6 - 10 baby lemons but unusually the number drops down to 2 - 3 per cluster as they grow.

Last year, I got 9 HUGE lemons from my potted tree. I ended up canning about 16 half-pint jars of marmalade. This year, I think I'll get about 12 - 15 medium sized lemons.

kathy said...

I have one cluster of 3, which is very pretty. The rest are single lemons. The tree looks healthier than it ever has right now. I hope to have enough for marmalade some day!