Wednesday, March 28, 2007

my irrigation system

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Well, you could almost call this garden work ... even though it only took about 5 minutes.

The first step in turning over my garden in the spring is to pull up my irrigation system and move it out of the way. The tubing mostly came out fine, but there is one area that is stuck in the ground. Frozen. It seems that the soil is still frozen down about 5-6 inches deep. In most areas my irrigation tubes are in the top inch or two of soil, but in the one area they are a bit deeper. I guess I'll just have to wait a few days until it thaws. I wouldn't be able to turn the soil anyway if its still frozen underneath.

Here's some information on my irrigation system: It was professionally installed about 4 years ago and is a grid of about 1/2 inch ID tubes that connect to my outdoor water and are controlled by a computerized panel inside. I have been very happy with the system. It saves me a lot of time (instead of hand watering as I used to do) and has been easy to maintain (the only maintenance is once in the fall year the irrigation company winterizes the system by blowing the pipes dry with a big compressor). My guess is it reduces water use by delivering the water directly onto the soil.

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It certainly looks like a pretty good gardening work. Sometimes before re-potting plants, we need to refresh again the garden, which includes plumbing refresh

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Oh' your irrigation system was so cool. Wish I can also have something like that. I am planning to make my own irrigation for my garden. I've got an idea here. Thanks for sharing.