Friday, March 30, 2007

the seeds arrived!

sand hill seeds pea seeds
OOoopps! I worried too soon. In today's mail my seeds arrived! That made my day. I opened the blue pod Capucijner peas to see what they look like. They are an interesting range of colors. My package labeled 15 seeds had 32 seeds. Good deal.

Opening the seed order was wonderful because I ordered some dukat dill and the seeds are very aromatic. My dining room smells like fresh dill now. I like to scatter some dill plants around the garden for the same reason - they smell so nice. Plus they reseed as little volunteers throughout the garden for several years afterwards - and the swallowtail caterpillars love it.

Pisum sativum

A nice surprise: Sand Hill included a free package of black-seeded simpson lettuce for trial. Nice. I can always use some extra lettuce.

OK. I'm really for planting now. Only problem is my garden is still a little frozen. I will try again tomorrow. Maybe I can break up the frost layer with the big shovel.

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Anonymous said...

I like Sand Hill a lot. They have a lot of interesting seeds, and they are really nice people. If I lived in the US, I might order some chickens from them too...

They are really slow with seed orders, but to be fair they are also pretty clear about that on their website. The trick is to place your order in January!

The dill seeds sound great!