Friday, March 09, 2007

signs of spring

snowdrops garlic gnome garden
Finally, a few signs of spring in my garden. Pussy willows are out and snowdrops are opening. My gnome has emerged from the snowcover. The birds are plentiful and signing loudly. A lovely carolina wren was singing today, as well as the usual chickadees, cardinals, and sparrows. I am a bit concerned about my garlic. Its still under a couple inches of snow and the tips are looking ragged. I hope it survived.

sure signs of spring


Ottawa Gardener said...

Gnome is back!

kathy said...

Yes, he is. In fact I have been doing a little research on the species. It seems that gnomes are nocturnal. The gnome male is seven times stronger than the human male and possesses a brain capacity that is significantly larger. They can hold their urine for a full day and live well past 400 years of age. Heart attacks and baldness are unheard of in gnomes. Babies are born as twins and very rarely seen, as the females are exceedingly shy. Gnomes love to dance and will fashion the flimsiest excuses for celebration. Well, my little garden gnome has been very industrious all winter - hanging onto his barrow through thick and thin. I suppose he will be taking time off for celebration soon.

Anonymous said...

No snowdrops yet in snowbound W/SW CT. I am jealous although heartened by just seeing them on your blog. They are such a spirit lifter in the garden, a real stirring that soon we will be getting our hands dirty again. Buds are on the forsythia, another welcome sign.