Monday, March 26, 2007

new fence

I am experimenting with this new fence. I need a way to keep the dog out of the garden. Sorry Skip! It just doesn't work to have him using it as a litter box. I need a fence that I can easily step over. Also it shouldn't interfere with my sprinklers. This fence is 28 inches high and quite sturdy. I was able to get two of the four posts into the soil - its still a bit too frozen where the other two need to go. The fence is designed to keep small animals out of the garden (e.g. rabbits). I think I'll end up digging it into the ground a bit so its quite not so tall.

garden structures


Unknown said...

I use the same kind of fencing to keep the dogs out of my vegetable garden as well. I put a matching gate on mine but I can vouch that it does work quite well and can be stepped over with a little tippy-toe action. Gorgeous pictures! I'm gonna add you to my read this blog list!

kathy said...

I'm glad to hear the fence works well. I enjoyed looking at your garden pictures. Great garden!