Tuesday, March 20, 2007

my sister's garden in southern california

wagon with cilantrostrawberry blossoms
red plantred leaved succulent
blue pot with red leaved plantred flowers
cymbidium orchidmetal pot with geranium
Aahhhh.... Warm weather! I've been visiting my sister near Santa Barbara, California. She has a lovely garden with lots of pots, containers and ornaments. Many types of plants that I am not familiar with. This is a wonderful vacation from the New England snow!

More photos of the California flowers and some from our boat trip out to the beautiful Channel Islands are at Skippy's Backyard.

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KC MO Garden Guy said...

I am jealous of your sister’s garden! I am in the Midwest and at least we don’t have snow. I better not say that to loud!! Sorry about your 6 inches of snow.