Wednesday, March 07, 2007

much too cold

frozen garden
I thought our weather was getting better, but its gotten colder again. In the single digits this week. My yard is an ice sheet! No outdoor gardening any time soon. I didn't want to go outside to take a picture this week - this is the view from my diningroom (my office) where I spend alot of my time working these days. Its hard to believe that it will be spring in 2 weeks! Looks like it may be a cold spring in New England.


Ottawa Gardener said...

I see green under yonder snow you lucky person.

kathy said...

Yes, you're right. I suppose I should be hopeful that spring will come.

Sissy said...

Warmer, soon! It's 50°, here in Illinois! Hold on, just a few more days!
(when do you plant your lettuce, if I might ask?)

Doctor Mom said...

Hi there, Carleton Gardener!
Thanks for dropping by I think that you must be just around the bend and up the hill from me! I've enjoyed your wonderful photographic touch with our New England ice and snow. And I'm wondering when you are planning to plant your peas--St. Patrick's Day seems way too soon, even if it does warm up next week.

kathy said...

Its so exciting that we're thinking about planting. Today the weather finally seems better. I have always been late to plant peas and lettuce. Last year I planted about May 5. This year I plan to plant as soon as I can get a shovel in and get the ground soil turned over. I'm not really sure when to expect that. Its solid frozen today, so like Dr Mom says, I find it hard to believe it'll thaw by St Pats Day. Maybe April 1? What do you think? I'll plant both lettuce and peas every 2 weeks once the ground can be worked. I'm planing to plant some peppers indoors on March 15. That's next Thursday!