Saturday, April 16, 2016

transplanting tomatoes

IMG_3353 photo by Amelia Fannin

A group of volunteers from my community garden got together and transplanted tomato seedlings yesterday. We do this every year. They are late blight resistant tomatoes: Jasper, Mountain Merit, Defiant and Iron Lady. We transplanted about 360 seedlings. We raised them at home under lights and now they'll be raised by Sandra Curro at Underwood Greenhouses. They'll be distributed free to any of our 135 gardeners who want them. Extra plants will be for sale at Underwood Greenhouses beginning May 7: 20 School St, Belmont MA.

IMG_3347 photo by Amelia Fannin


Chrissy said...

What size pots did you transfer the seedlings to? And you waited until they had 4 to 5 real leaves? Thanks!

MathewG said...

What fun! I wish I had the time and freedom to participate in activities like this.

Stacy said...

Wow, that is a whole lot of seedlings.
Your potting soil looks great. I wish I could find similar around here.

kathy said...

For transplanting tomato seedlings, we have tried several types of pots and have found that we really like an extra deep (5 inch) 3.5 inch square pot. This gives lots of room for planting the seedling deep and getting a strong root system going.

p85D from Growers Solutions: $69.95 case of 450, or Greenhouse Megastore: $69.90 case of 450.

We start the seeds in plastic lettuce containers, about 50 seeds spread evenly in one container. After planting the week of March 20, we transplant 4-5 weeks later, the week of April 16.