Wednesday, April 13, 2016

seed potatoes arrived today

My seed potatoes from Moose tubers arrived today. My plan: let them sprout a couple weeks, while I amend their beds, then plant them. I have the tubers on my kitchen windowsill so I can watch them sprouting. To amend the beds, I want to add a good 2 inches of compost and dig it in. No scimping this year! I want my spuds in happy soil.


Dana K said...

Hi Kathy - I got my order from them yesterday. Do you just leave them in the bags they came at room temp to start sprouting? Do you keep them out if the light?

kathy said...

No. Don't leave them in the bag. You need to take them out. Firstly, to check for bad potatoes so they don't spoil others. Also they need air circulation. And they should have light so the sprouts don't end up long and delicate. They should be warm too. I spread them out on my windowsill.