Saturday, April 02, 2016

my seedlings

seedlings  IMG_5247 - Copy seedlings IMG_5253 - Copy seedlings IMG_5233 - Copy seedlings  IMG_5242 - Copy seedlings  IMG_5239 - Copy seedlings  IMG_5264 - Copy seedlings  IMG_5208 - Copy seedlings  IMG_5238 - Copy


Anonymous said...

i love your seedlings pictures

Anonymous said...

the pictures are great

kathy said...

Yes I love my seedlings too. I was thinking of offering a prize for identifying all the seedlings. I have free codes for any of my calendar apps for anyone who knows what they all are.

kathy said...

Except the celeriac. That's too easy.

Anonymous said...

What are all of these ones?

Joe said...

I'll have a go at it:
1) Clearly something in the broccoli family. Based on the ruffled edging, I'd guess kale?
2) Celeriac, but this one's kind of cheating :) And no, I wouldn't have recognized it without the tags as it's not something I've ever grown.
3) Not really zoomed in enough to tell. The tags make it clear that you've got a row of herbs. Behind that you've got maybe lettuce, or escarole? And there's a cell that is either nasturtiums or hollyhock.
4) Marigolds. Based on the deep red stems, I would guess a french dwarf variety.
5) Basil
6) Sweet potatoes
7) Another broccoli family something. The red stems are pretty, but they're throwing me for a loop. Maybe some sort of red cabbage? Hard to say without the secondary leaves yet.
8) Again, this one's hard without the secondary leaves. If it's edible, my guess is parsley (and this is my primary guess). Otherwise I would think it must be some sort of flower.

How'd I do?

kathy said...

You scored 100%. I am very impressed.
1-Vates kale
3-Escarole, herbs, and hollyhocks
5-Nufar basil
6-sweet potatoes
7-Red cabbage

If you email me at kathy@skippysgarden I can send you free codes for all of our apps.