Wednesday, April 06, 2016

asparagus ordered

I finally remembered to order my asparagus crowns. 25 Jersey Supreme from Johnny's. They'll be delivered April 25. I'm planting a new bed in my backyard garden.


Noonshyne said...

I am in Bakersfield CA, zone 8-9. I think I have to wait until January to plant crowns. Gives me time to prepare. Wonder if I need to gopher-proof the bed?

kathy said...

January, wow. You have to wait through a whole season. I have to be quick and get my bed prepared. It's terrible soil right now. I don't know about gophers and asparagus. We have woodchucks and chipmunks here that are maybe similar. And also I have deer, rabbits, geese, squirrels, wild turkeys, and my foraging hens. I have a 5-ft fence all around my vegetable garden to deer out. I also dug in chicken wire 8 inches down and about the same above ground and connected that to my fence with zip ties. That keeps the woodchucks from digging their way in. It keeps out the baby rabbits. I think chipmunks can always get in.

But I've seen gardeners around me with asparagus beds with no protection. No fencing.

Good luck!