Wednesday, April 06, 2016

master gardener class

I've signed up for a Master Gardener Certification class. My first class is tomorrow. It's a class offered by the Massachusetts Master Gardener Association held at the Massachusetts Horticultural Society Horticulture Center at Elm Bank and includes 60 hrs of volunteer time and 80 hrs of class time. I'm excited to learn everything about many topics including composting, turf, weed ecology, botany, soil science, etc, etc. All taught by experts in the fields. I am excited about the first class tomorrow - Soil Science by Dawn Pettinelli. I love soil! I also can't wait to hear the last class - Vegetables, taught by Roger Swain! Awesome! Roger Swain is my hero.


Anonymous said...

How exciting! Good luck with your classes!

CHRIS said...

ooh. that sounds so fun! enjoy!

Steve said...

I think that an educational program in gardening- or anything for that matter- is a great idea! Best wishes to you in chasing your dreams.