Monday, November 02, 2009


harvest 1
harvest 2

These are the vegetables I harvested on Sunday. Four big hairy celeriac roots (below is before I trimmed the them), a couple potatoes, a couple red cabbage. Also some nice lettuce and escarole and a bunch of baby bok choy.

The celeriac are one of the first crops planted and the last ones harvested. Very slow growing. I planted Feb 21, harvested Oct 31. Almost 9 months in the ground.



Zazu Ta said...

Hi Kathy,

I have been reading you blog all summer and waiting for winters here in India to arrive! And now with temperatures finally reaching a minimum of 16 deg. C.... not winters exactly , I shall be going down to the nursery to buy seeds for the salad veggies.
One thing that really surprised me is that I have had a celery plant growing in the shade since September '08!! and the most surprising thing is, that it survived the heat wave, the unbearable summer ( 48 deg C). Tastes really good though. I only snip off whatever I need and don't uproot it.

Anonymous said...

Kathy, does celeriac taste like celery? It sure looks interesting!


Susie said...

What do you use celeriac for?

Michelle @ Give a Girl a Fig said...

I'm with the others...what does one do with celeriac?

LoveMeKnot Creations said...

wow, 9 months? I wonder if I got a deep enough container if they would grow in it, seeing as my garden is so small I'd hate to take up part of it for 9 months :/
I did read online celeriac tastes like celery, and is used in soups a lot. Is that how you plan on using them? It almost looks like you can slice them thin enough and make 'potato' chips :)

Dan said...

Those bok choy must be a different variety from the ones I sent? They look excellent. The ones I planted for fall succumbed to slugs, pesky little things! Celeriac did really well too, I think I am going to try them next year.

kathy said...


These bok choy were in the Sand Hill Fall greens mix. I've planted this three years now and FINALLY planted it early enough to get a harvest. Its a good mix. frissee, several Chinese cabbage, kales and arugula.

The bok choy seem very much like yours. One was starting to bolt. I have no slugs left. They can be a real problem.

Dan said...

That does sound like a nice mix. They are much whiter stemmed then the ones we grew this spring, very nice.