Friday, November 13, 2009

white Detroit beets with carrots

beets and carrots 4

I wasn't real sure of these when I ordered the seed last year. White Detroit beets. But the description at Sand Hill Preservation Center sounded interesting:

White Detroit: 65 days. Relatively new introduction where the beets are white, less bleeding and staining but same earthy flavor.

And the good news is my teenager liked them! And they didn't stain the carrots. Or my hands. They were very tasty. I think this will be a variety to grow again next year.

My dad has questioned the nutritiousness of white vegetables. I wonder if the white beets are low in vitamins? Same with white carrots? I don't know about this. But here's the nutritional value of white beets: "Beets are saturated-fat-free, cholesterol-free, provide a small amount of vitamin C, a source of fiber and low in sodium and fat. Beets contain a high amount of folate which is believed to help prevent depression and fatigue." From here.

(The carrots are Oxheart - so fat and round they look like orange beets! I grow this variety every year.)

My quick plain recipe: Peel and cube carrots and beets. Boil until tender. Transfer to bowl and top with salt, butter and parsley. Bake/warm at about 300*F for a while.

beets and carrots 1 beets and carrots 5


Green Tamarind said...

I grew 2 white beets this summer - they were mixed in with my Chioggia seeds. Not sure if they would be the same kind as yours. They were just as tasty as the other kinds I grew. I don't usually mind the staining of red beets, but I don't miss it either when I can cook without turning purple.

Anonymous said...

I gotta try that variety!

Anonymous said...

Kathy - looks like a hearty, tasty vegetable dish for dinner on a cold New England evening! Yum!
- Daisy in AZ