Friday, November 27, 2009

pumpkin soup

bowl of pumpkin soup
Its the day after the Feast. One of the best leftovers is the pumpkin soup. Its good plain, with creme fraiche, or even with a dollop of stuffing in it. Its a wonderful combination of ginger, leeks and pumpkin. Delicious.

Yesterday, we served the pumpkin soup as a first course with an exquisite champagne, grilled local kielbasa, creme fraiche and a garnish of cilantro. I did not hear any complaints.

The Jarrahdale pumpkin is the best tasting pumpkin I've grown so far. Bright orange color flesh with mild sweet pumpkin flavor. Here are photos.
jarrahdale with seeds
soup in the pan jarrahdale pumpkin on the board

To make this soup, I cut out a lid on my 8 lb Jarradale pumpkin then scooped out the flesh with a sharp-edged ice cream scoop. (A very sharp melon baller might have worked better since the pumpkin flesh is firm and thick.) I accidentally cut through the rind on one of the deep ridges, so I used the pumpkin shell to serve my baked squash and sweet potatoes. The 8 lb pumpkin gave enough flesh for the soup (2 lbs), plus 4 lbs grated pumpkin for a batch of pumpkin bread (recipe), and the rind will make another bread recipe I'm sure.

Pumpkin soup recipe link.


Dan said...

I'm going to save the soup recipe and give it a try something, never had a pumpkin soup before. Looks like you have quite a feast and bubbly to boot! Everything looks very tasty.

I dropped off your seeds on the 21st, they should be showing up soon.

kathy said...

The seeds arrived today. Thanks. I meant to drop your celeriac in the mail before this but will do it soon.

pion said...

Thank you for sharing pictures of your T Day table. I'm way too private to do anything like that. I almost felt like voyeur. Judy & moi had a succulent turkey that was raised about 3 miles from here. Brussels Sprouts and my witloof smothered in a bechamel w. lots of Romano grated in a gratinee. All with a bottle of Veuve Clicquot. Bravo! And then some cognac with some good cigars. Cheers.

Kalena Michele said...

Where can I get these pumpkin seeds? One year in college I made pumpkin pie from scratch. I haven't done it since but I really want to next year.