Saturday, July 19, 2008

tomato check

tomatoes 3
tomatoes 2 tomatoes 1

These are photos of tomatoes today in other garden plots at the Rock Meadow Victory Garden.

I have no red tomatoes yet, but I'm really looking forward to one soon. I took a walk around the community gardens today to see if anyone has ripe tomatoes yet. I found lots of green ones and one garden that has one beautiful big red that looks very close to ripe.

Here are photos of my green tomatoes:

my tomatoes 3
my tomatoes 2 my tomatoes 1
my tomatoes 5 my tomatoes 4

Looks to me like there are all sorts of issues with my community garden tomato plants: white spots and black spots and brown spots, shriveled leaves and fewer tomatoes than I expected. My home tomatoes look healthy, but the plants are smaller.

My dad was telling me that one of my problems may be rust or leaf spot, common tomato fungal diseases. Here's what he wrote:

About the yellowing of the tomato leaves (talking now about the yellowing that starts with the lowest leaves in spite of having sufficient sunlight and nutrients)– I thought that some of that might also be due to rust or leaf spot. Questions 28 and 34 of this link tells you a bit more about it: Texas A&M. I was considering using agricultural poly film next year – because the spores are in the ground from growing them in the same place year after year and from composting the leaves and then rototilling them in also year after year. Tom sprays with Manzate 75% several times a season, picks of the infected leaves and has a heavy salt marsh hay mulch to prevent rain splash-up infecting and spreading the problem.

Belmont Victory Garden

Solanum lycopersicum


Anonymous said...

I harvested about 8 cherry tomatoes today, 1 ripe, some orange, and one green that fell off when I was re-staking some serious bush tomatoes that I am not experienced with.

I have also harvested one LARGE multilobe tomato that has shown some orange which I was afraid would grow into the tomato cage, the way the plant was growing. This plant is not huge, but I planted it within this cage, and it is INSISTENT - I guess that is the word.

Kathy, can't wait until you have your first.

kathy said...

Me too!

Anonymous said...

I just love looking at your garden!Your pictures are stunning. I live in Richmond, Virginia and what is amazing to me is that our gardens are the same stages. I too, am waiting for my first tomatoes. I was at our farmer's market and no one brought tomatoes yesterday!Seems like everyone is still waiting.
Thnak you for sharing!