Friday, July 18, 2008

a new crop of chile peppers

cayenne chiles anaheim chiles
pepper pots

It really must be summer! Chile peppers are a heat-loving, full-sun crop. I have young fruits on the plants of my cayenne and Anaheim chile plants.

I planted 5 varieties of peppers in big pots next to my house this year. A beautiful cayenne plant was raised and given to me by Amelia (of Gradually Greener). I sowed seeds for Anaheim, Poblano, sweet Canary and chocolate bell peppers. Lots of flowers, but no fruits yet on the last three varieties.

The photo on the left is cayenne, on the right is Anaheim.
chile and bell peppers (Capsicum)

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Matron said...

Nature is fascinating! I think we must have comparable climates as my chillis (scotch bonnet) and peppers are about the same as yours right now.