Monday, July 14, 2008

fall planting schedule

I'm starting to think about planting fall crops. I'd like to try fall broccoli again (I planted too late last year.) Also lettuce, beets, spinach and radish.

I like this fall planting chart at Heirloom Seeds. It lists fall planting dates for vegetables according to your average last frost date.

For the past two years, my first frost has been mid November for my home garden. I'm sure the community plot will frost earlier. Probably mid October.

I'm thinking of the following schedule for fall planting:

Carrots and beets (community plot) sow by July 25
Lettuce (community plot) sow until Aug 20, (home garden) sow until Sept 20
Broccoli (community plot) sow July 15, (home garden) sow Aug 10
Radish (community plot) sow until Sept 10
Spinach (community plot) sow until Aug 15

The broccoli date is soon. Tomorrow!

I will only sow the carrots directly in the garden. The others will all go into seed trays and I will transplant into the garden when they are big enough.


Anonymous said...

I too have been thinking about what I'm putting in for the fall. Thanks for the link to the fall planting chart. My fall frost date is closer to September 21st so I need to get going with my fall plantings!

Dan said...

I started broccoli seeds in cell packs outdoors about 2 weeks ago. I put them in the shade to keep them out of the heat, this turned them really leggy and then the slugs ate them! The second round I started indoors in a south window and they are doing great. I think I will plant them out in about a week with row cover to hopefully keep the bugs and heat off of them.

I am also going to direct seed turnips in the next week. Apparently you can still pull these when there is snow so they should do well even if we get an early frost.

Good luck with your fall planting.

kathy said...

Thanks for the broccoli information. I was wondering whether to put my seed trays inside or out. I'm hoping to get some started today.

Another broccoli note, I picked a nice dinner of broccoli last evening. I am very pleased with the amount of produce from my spring broccoli. Well worth the garden space.

Anonymous said...

Another thank you for the fall planting schedule. This will be the first year I even discovered that I could do fall plantings, or have even done successive plantings.

I have pulled some cauliflower and broccoli plantings that for some reason have just not ended up doing anything, while the leaves all turn brown and get bug holes, and turn to leather. They never flowered or did anything. oh well.

Instead I put in a few varieties of lettuce seed, and will now expect to have some other crop areas reach the end of their expectancy, and may put lettuce there, too. We love salad!