Saturday, July 19, 2008

honey bee in flight

honey bee in flight

Cucumis sativus


Anonymous said...

love your garden, wonderful to see small space gardening throughout the united states. i'm located in a (very) small town in southwest washington and run a small business called urban farm school. looks like our harvest season is just about the same. i too am (im)patiently awaiting my first tomato, stupice will be first. great blog, it's now in my favourites and i look forward to watching your season.

bread baker
seed gatherer
business owner

Ryan said...

Hi -

I just came across your blog, and I really like it! My wife and I live in Framingham, and we have recently gotten into vegetable gardening. We have a very small amount of space dedicated to it (64 sq ft worth in raised beds), but as this is our first year, we didn't want to go overboard.

Anyhow - I'm glad I came across your site - it can be tough to find good vegetable gardening information sources for this area for new people like my wife and I.

Anonymous said...

Wow, great capture!

Jim Lemire said...

Phenomenal shot, Kathy.

Besides the bee in flight, I really love the texture on the squash vines - I forget every summer how spiky they are until I reach in to grab a ripe fruit. My cucumbers got me good this afternoon!

kathy said...

I am getting a serious rash on my wrists this year and I think it is from my squashes. They have serious spines! Especially those zucchinis.

Like you say, this photo is a cucumber flower.

TerBear said...

What a great close-up photo. It shows the pollen on the bee's leg. Your blog is wonderful!

Lisa said...

What a great photo! I find the squash leaves awfully irritating, too, especially the sprawling ones. I've had great fun watching squash bees this season!

kathy said...