Sunday, July 13, 2008

gardens after vacation

me 2
me 1 garden 3
garden 2 garden 1
home garden 1
lettuce clover garden

I have enjoyed exploring my gardens after my absence. I was away about a week. Everything has grown. I had a list of tasks to catch up on: the tomatoes needed tying, potatoes and summer squashes needed fences, spring lettuce needed pulling, and fall lettuce needs planting. The pole beans needed stakes and a sun flower stem needed a support. Of course, the weeds needed pulling and the garden watering.

And then there were so many photos that needed taking, flowers to admire, squash and cukes to harvest, and just generally time to catch up on and enjoy in the garden.


Chiot's Run said...

Everything is looking good. Did you have anyone "garden sitting" for you while you were gone?

kathy said...

No garden sitter.

But I came back myself (with my sister) once in the middle of the absence and watered and picked for about 30 min. It was very dry last week, so it was good I could do this.

Today I was out weeding. The weeds had a heyday in my absence.

Bee said...

Wow, your garden is gorgeous! Very impressive as are your harvests. I hope to achieve such greatness in the future. =)