Sunday, July 13, 2008


squash harvest
big radish favas
IMG_6322 vegetables

This is a collection of photos of my harvests from the past two weeks.

We took a big bag of vegetables up to a cabin in New Hampshire and enjoyed these while on vacation. They are shown in the last photo above. I spread all the vegetables out on the chopping board. One of the consequences of sharing vegetables with a garden photographer is that you need to wait until the photos are taken to eat. My family was very nice to put up with this!

Upon returning home, many more vegetables were waiting in the garden.

I continue to have a great abundance of lettuce, which is a real garden treat. Every day we have a pile of fresh garden greens on our dinner plates.
harvests from my vegetable gardens


Anonymous said...

OK, now I just hate you.

Just kidding.

That is the most gorgeous photo of your collective harvest on that butcher block, with the open wine nearby. If I could capture a similar photo of my own, I like to think I'd keep it at all times in my wallet as a constant reminder of a rich and rewarding life, well-lived.

Just love your photos.

kathy said...

Thanks! It took three days for my extended family and me to eat all of these vegetables while at our vacation cabin. We had a lot of fun preparing and eating and sipping the wine...