Wednesday, January 28, 2015

five mistakes that new gardeners make

A couple weeks ago I asked "What do you think is the #1 mistake that new gardeners make?" Robert Leavitt, a gardener and blogger who originally asked me that the question, has now posted the answers that he has complied.

In short, he found the mistakes are:
#5 Starting Too Big
#4 Not Choosing the Appropriate Soil
#3 Not Providing Regular Irrigation
#2 Planting Something Where it Doesn’t Belong
#1 Not Having Started Gardening Earlier Because of the Fear of Making a Mistake!


prince snow farm said...

As a teacher, I have found that my sixth graders have never even pushed a seed into soil before! So I think a big mistake is not sharing basic knowledge with our kids! They can do it!

kathy said...

I love it when I hear about schools doing gardening projects. There are so many things out there to do, that often parents have never gardened either. Its great to expose the kids to the really basic things, like pushing a seed into the ground! And the cool stuff you can do on the computer too. :-) Yeah for teachers!!

Johanna said...

Good list, number 1 is great. :D I'm trying to tell everyone I talk to about this hobby that you don'the need a garden, pots and soil and seeds of something you'd like to see or eat. (and for kids it's peas;) as a garden is too big for many beginners and gardening starts from potting seeds anyway. :)

Thanks for your lovely blog!

Unknown said...

This is a very good and helpful list! I had helped others in their gardens before and last year I finally decided to create my own raised bed garden, and wouldn't you know I fell victim to one of these five common mistakes. I had everything planned out, when and where to plant/water, but underestimated how much product each plant would produce... I had tomatoes and beans coming out of my ears! Wish I would have seen this post before hand, thanks again!

Unknown said...

This is a great post! I had helped others in their gardens in the past and last year finally decided to create my own raised garden. I had everything all planned out; when/where to plant and water but underestimated how much produce each plant would yield. Needless to say I had tomatoes and beans coming out of my ears! Wish I would have read this post last year... thanks again!