Thursday, February 18, 2010

onion sprouts

onion sprouts 5
onion sprouts 1 onion sprouts 2

More and more little onions sprouts keep popping up.


ortolandia said...

where are that onions from?

Anonymous said...

I have to post how surprised I was to see a photo on Nature's Crossroads, courtesy of you, of the Purple Calabash tomato.

They are local, raise funds for my duaghter's school, and I can't wait to start plugs full of seeds I ordered from them.

C'mon Spring, but Indiana looks much like your area right about now...Snow everywhere! :(

I had just used your on-line planting calendar the other day as well. Small World! :)

Have a good season, and I haven't turned on my T-5's and heat mat yet, but soon, very soon...

Sincerely, Jason in IN

kathy said...

It was fun to look at their site and see my photo. Thanks. Happy growing!

Joe said...

Looks good...spring is definitely on its way. Glad to see your garden is getting started!