Sunday, December 13, 2009

new computer

It was time to replace my nice old computer. Its a big project to transfer everything. The email, the files, and then all the programs. And I'm trying to get the same color settings. I have to get used to slightly different spacing of the keys. And a different touch pad. It may take me some time. I wish there was an easier way.


Dan said...

Upgrading is such a pain. My laptop is 2 years old and is starting to slow considerable. I badly need to format it and reload everything which also is a big pain. I wish they would just make them work forever! Good luck with the new setup, once everything is up and running it will be worth it.

Kalena Michele said...

It'll be worth it. It took me about two days recently to transfer my files and apps to my new machine, but I love it. Hang in there!

Daphne Gould said...

I'm almost finished with the process. I completed all but one thing over a weekend, but I'm still dreading the iTunes transfer. I hate companies that don't make it easy to switch computers. Technically my computer isn't a new one. It is my husband's old computer and he got a new one, but since mine was six or seven years old I'm really happy.

kathy said...

I got Outlook transferred yesterday. My son is a big help - thank goodness for teenagers. Where does he learn this? Also Office is set up.

I can't get the colors on the monitor to look like my old monitor, so I will be making changes in the blog colors. The greens of my blog panels are too bright and distract from the photos (which are also too bright). My new computer is a Sony and I'm told they are known for bright colors.

OK. Time to start transferring more files.