Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Skippy sits

Skippy sits 3

Skippy often sits on a stool or a step and I think its so funny. I've never seen a dog sit like this. When I laugh and get my camera, he gets an annoyed/embarrassed expression. Today he sat on the stool a long time, waiting for me get ready for a walk. He knows I'm slow and it takes a while to remember all the things I like to bring: treats, treats, mittens, treats. I don't want to forget anything. Anyway, Skippy was very patient and very cute.


Anonymous said...

So cute! He reminds me of my childhood dog, Caesar, a lab/St. Bernard mix who was tall enough to back up to us and sit in our laps when we were sitting on the couch. He would also, as Skippy does, sit on the footstool.

Anonymous said...

LOL I've never seen a dog sit like that. That is one mighty beautiful dog.


Scarecrow said...

What a beautiful photo!
He does look a little embarrassed.

I visited your blog to get some cool weather relief.
It's summer down under in Australia and we are melting!

jen said...

My dog does that ON THE SOFA!! I've never seen a dog do that before either. He just walks up when one of us is on the sofa and sits next to us. We say he's doing his kickstand and it makes us laugh every time.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, I just had a good giggle with this picture. No wonder you get your camera, that is absolutely adorable! At least he is patient :)

Matron said...

That's funny! perhaps it's just comfortable that way to take the weight off your paws! I laugh when Buddy leans against things in the house!

Anonymous said...

Jen, our old dog did that too! He was a lab/pyrenees mix, so he was big enough to sit back on the couch. He would even cross one leg back under the other! It was so funny. I think he wanted to be one of us, when we were sitting around talking in the living room!

- Amelia