Monday, December 14, 2009

fresh new dirt - time for new gardens

sunset over the new dirt
new dirt 4 new dirt 3

Skippy and I went over to the community garden plots today. Its been a while since we've been there. As Bruce said - lots of new dirt has been cleared for new plots. I think we can make a dozen new plots. And the dirt looks dark and rich. Amazing how much a big ole backhoe can do, compared with our little shovels.

Seeing all this new dirt is as exciting as the beginning of a new gardening year. I suppose its as good a time as ever to call the start of the new season. My old garden is frozen and gone now. Only the kale remains. The gardening catalogs are coming in and I'm thinking about what to grow. And when to place the orders. My sidebar counter is counting down the days until planting. In February the seeds go in. That means I should start thinking about where to set up the shelves and lights.

new dirt 5


Kalena Michele said...

This looks so exciting :) You're going to be the talk of the town with all of your veggies (as if you aren't already).

Dan said...

The garden really is expanding, lots of happy new gardeners to come!