Friday, December 04, 2009


harvest whats this
I harvested a few greens today. I wish I knew what they were. The enormous feathery-leaved plant at the left tastes a bit like arugula. It has a big thick white root. The dark green round leaved one I don't know either. These two came in a mix of fall greens. I do know the bright green leaves -they are a broad-leaved escarole.


Anonymous said...

They are mizuna and tatsoi

kathy said...


I just read that Tatsoi can be harvested from under the snow. That's good to know because that were the last on mine are right now.

And I have LOTS of mizuna in the fridge right now. I can now look up recipes - or just continue eating piles of it.

Anonymous said...

Yep, mizuna and tatsoi. Tatsoi can be used basically like baby bok choy. And mizuna, well, I only like it as an accent in salads, but it sure is hardy and easy to grow!