Thursday, September 21, 2017

fruit harvest

apples IMG_0197

My fruit harvests this year, in addition to a couple cups of blueberries early this summer:
25 (wohoo!) apples, 2 peaches, 2-3 cups of red raspberries a week (they'll produce for about 4 weeks), and about 20 lbs of pears.

raspberries IMG_0208 fruit bowl IMG_0203

I was very disappointed that about half my pear harvest "disappeared this year. No signs of deer, raccoons or other wildlife. Since my two espaliered trees are in my plot at a busy community garden, I have to think they were stolen. All the pears from the lower two branches were missing. These branches are very easy to reach from outside my garden. I was left with only the ones 6-8 ft up on the top branch. Theft is pretty common at our Gardens. I have plans next year to put up chicken wire around the trees and hopefully keep all the pears I grow - I want to at least know who I share them with.

Pears in a bucket


Anonymous said...

Our next door neighbor has a pear tree in their front yard and some people think it is ok to help themselves and ask if it is ok!

kathy said...

I dont think I'd mind if people asked. I could tell tell them how much I could spare. I'd be happy to share few, just not half my harvest.

My mom has a huge grapefruit tree and small couple avocados. Theres a golf course next to it and people Walk up and help themselves. The grapefruit tree is huge so it's no bigdeal, but it does seem rude that people just walk right up and pick her fruit. She collects the avocados daily when they fall. I suppose a sign would be good.

Laura said...

How many raspberry plants to do you have? I've been trying to plan a patch and estimated yields per plant seem all over the map.

kathy said...

I have a row of plants that is about 20 feet long. It’s an old row so hard to tell how many plants. Maybe 20? It’s a good amount for us.