Saturday, September 09, 2017

today's harvest

harvest IMG_0190

That's a big head of Murdoc cabbage. Almost 5 lbs. Its the third I picked this year - and a first year for me trying this. It's an excellent variety. Tender and mild. Perfect for coleslaw, fried rice, and stir fries. I'm looking forward to making sauerkraut with it.

I dug a few small horseradish roots. I love the smell. So did Charley. He loves everything from the garden - even enjoyed eating a piece of the horseradish. I had to shoo him away from the harvest bucket after that.

I also picked a few well ripened bean pods of a variety I save year to year. It's a long white Chinese pole bean given to me at least 10 years ago now. I'm glad I got them before the chipmunks!


Anonymous said...

Glad to see your most recent posting

JustGail said...

your harvest is looking good. When our beagle was alive, I learned to keep a close eye on here while digging potatoes - she loved to grab some. Never the ones I ran the fork thru or the little ones, always the nice big unblemished ones. She also loved carrots, sweet corn & peas. Did Charley want more horseradish? I though it would be spicy-hot, or does that only happen when it's ground up?

blueberry1946 said...

Beautiful harvest. I've never grown cabbage or horseradish, actually had never even seen a horseradish plant before (!), but I love the idea of it.

Thanks for taking the time to post. I know you to be plenty busy!

Princeton, MA