Saturday, December 17, 2016

winter tunnel in cold snap

winter tunnel IMG_9599

My winter tunnel kept my plants fine in our cold snap down to low single digits over the past few days. Like last year, the tunnel has two layers, and inner fabric layer and an outer plastic layer. The inner layer is help down by rocks, the outer one by long boards.

winter tunnel IMG_9602 winter tunnel IMG_9603
winter tunnel IMG_9598 winter tunnel IMG_9596

The bed is heavily planted with all different types of greens, but they are small and covered with two inches of salt marsh hay. I don't expect these will be ready to harvest until early spring. (I planted late...)


Unknown said...

I planted late too!

kathy said...

while it would be nice to be harvesting all winger long, it's so fun to see how the late planted crops come along so fast in very early spring. Especially spinach. You can't beat super early spring spinach. I'm thinking I'll tuck in another patch of seeds in the next couple weeks on a warm day.