Thursday, December 29, 2016

few catalogs, lots of plans

I've only gotten 4 or 5 seed catalogs this year. Not sure why I like to see them accumulate in a stack this time of year. I suppose memories. I used to read them cover to cover. Curled up on the couch after dinner while a football game was on the TV. I used to read all about each plant, how to grow it and harvest it, what to expect. Then I'd circle it and mail in my order.

These years I collect the catalogs but they stay in their stack. I might get an idea or two from the first few pictures. Everything is on line now. All the seeds, information and ordering.

Over the past couple days I've put together my variety list for next year, 2017. I just need to fill in the flower list tomorrow and then I'll be ready to order the seeds I need. Usually I draw out my garden plan first, and then figure out my seed list. This year I'm trying the reverse. Some seeds sell out early. This way I'll get my order in soon. After that, I'll have plenty of time to make a garden plan, which I may or not follow anyway. (At least I don't need to make a planting schedule because I follow my iPhone app.) My garden plan is fun to draw up in the middle of winter. It lends itself to on the spot revisions in the beautiful spring air, when it does come. Well, that's to be expected. But in the middle of winter I like a seed list and a planting plan.

I'll try to finish and post my variety list tomorrow. During our Nor'Easter.


Anonymous said...

better get to the grocery store, a stprm is coming!

kathy said...

Turns out the storm is just rain here. No grocery store for me. I've got my feet up and I'm actually looking through my seed catalogs.