Thursday, December 29, 2016

popcorn test ...

popcorn IMG_9798

Last year I grew a lovely multicolored popcorn (Calico) and had a pretty good yield. Unfortunately it didn't pop. I tried hydrating it more and drying it more. But I couldn't get any of it to pop.

This year, I went back to a plain old yellow popcorn, like one that's worked for me in previous years. Not the same variety as earlier, but Johnny's Seeds' best recommendation. Robust 997. I had a small yield because of this year's drought (and my inattention to watering).

Today is the day for testing! I just took it off the cobs and we're warming up the Whirley-Pop. Will it pop???

popcorn IMG_9796 popcorn IMG_9801b


Anonymous said...

Did you make enough popcorn for the whole class?

kathy said...

I just tried a little for a test. Only about a tablespoon.