Monday, December 05, 2016

a bit of snow on the garden and Charley

snow on garden IMG_9480
snow on kale IMG_9485 snow on gnome IMG_9487
charley IMG_9496 snow on greens MG_9481
charley IMG_9523

Our first snow. It's just a dusting and expected to turn to rain soon.

I don't have my winter bed covered yet. Soon. Everything in it is OK with the snow and our 30-32 degree temperature today. But at the end of this week it's going to get really cold. I'll cover it before that with both layers. Both have survived fine from last year so I will reuse them: a heavy row cover layer (I double it up) and a layer of green house plastic.

Charley has his new fleece coat on. He's so skinny that I'll get him a thicker coat soon. He eats like a horse, but is putting all his growth into getting longer legs.


Shepherdess55 said...

How did Charley react to seeing his first snow?

Urban Agrarian said...

Charley looks very handsome in his coat

Heather Shilo said...

Love Charley, and Suzie, too!

kathy said...

Charley always seems excited by the weather. A gusty wind, mist, rain - he seems interested in it all. He puts his nose in the air and takes it in. It must be something to experience things for the first time. Even these everyday things.

He reacted to his first snow like he did his first rain or cold wind. Nose in the air. Sniff several minutes all directions. But then snow is different than other weather. He had to eat it. And run in it. Suzie still loves snow even though this is her fourth year of seeing it. Suzie and Charlie covered the patio with paw prints in the first snow. It was only an inch. I hope Charley doesn't think that's all the snow we'll get.

Urban Agrarian said...

What a handsome guy in his plaid coat!