Thursday, October 06, 2011

today's harvest

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Today's harvest: lots of broccoli and green peppers and chilis. (I gave most of these away before I took this picture.) Also, a big leek, a Benning's green tint patty pan squash, red Thai hot peppers, and a couple beets.

I also harvested a nice big pear today. Still green. I hope it will ripen well. I have read that pears should be picked green and ripen off the tree. I hope this is right. I originally had 5 pears set on my 2 young espaliered trees in my community garden plot this spring. Three disappeared back in August. One disappeared last week. So with one left and cold weather setting in, I picked the last pear today. (I think the others were picked by passers by. Next year I will devise a net or extra fencing to protect them if I get more fruit to set.)

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Mark Willis said...

Sorry to hear about the loss of most of your pears. Do you get much problem with theft? Here in England many allotment-holders have lots of trouble with theft and vandalism.

biobabbler said...

1. nice, diverse harvest.
2. perhaps wiring pears so they electrocute pear purloiners, or alternatively,
3. you could insert tags into your pears so that if you track the pear purloiners down, and you scan the pears, you'll have procured the proof to prosecute the perp.!

Poor little pears.

rosiemomma said...

Great alliteration biobabbler! What a fun vegetable menagerie. Here in Phoenix our peppers are deciding to produce now it's cooled down a bit.

Matron said...

I just love the colours of Autumn. What a lovely harvest you have there.

Anonymous said...

I think August is when most of my pears disappeared, too. All the thieves left were tooth and claw marks.

Marian(LondonUK) said...

Hi, obviously you have natures thieves, but we have had too many men theives this year in East London, it is as Mark said above sad and bewildering e.g. thefts overnight and whole crops. Rows of potatoes taken (found later in Vodka making processes}. Luckily you are free from that in Boston.
Marian (LondonUK)

Unknown said...

hi there!

Im from Portugal and also have a little vegetables garden for me and my family.
I love your blog, congratulations...hope we can exchange experiences and even, who knows, to change some seeds.... i love tomatos, peppers all from sweet to hot, lettuces, brocoli, onions, garlics, pumpkins and so on, so on....
one other thing: in Portugal people say that the fruit is better tasting ig rippen in the tree, not taken out... i believe the same....


Robbie Palm said...

I have a large pear tree in our backyard( small city lot). It produces a lot of pears(it must be 40 years old) and I have read that you are to pick them off before they ripen,too. :-) I find if we let them ripen too long they drop off and are damaged, but the bees enjoy them on the ground! We have a tall pole that picks off the pears. They fall right into the wired net.
I just found your blog and your garden is very nice! Robbie:-)zone 5 illinois near the mississppi river we are still having very warm weather this past week(80's!)

Anonymous said...

You have great pictures and your veggies look amazing!

I'm starting my vegetable garden next spring and your work is a true inspirational.

Best harvest,

Erika said...

Hi Kathy,
Beautiful photos! I live outside Boston and I am wondering : What kind of pears are you growing? Anjou? And, how long did it take for the trees to start producing fruit?