Saturday, October 22, 2011

today's harvest

harvest 062
harvest 051 harvest 058
harvest 057 harvest 073
harvest 060

I picked the last of my cucumbers, eggplant, poblano peppers and cherry tomatoes, then pulled the plants out and added them to the overflowing compost bins. Broccoli continues to produce little side shoots. I picked two lemons from my Meyers lemon tree, which is still outside.

Today's project today was to clear out the cold frame, fertilize and turn the soil, then and put the top panels back on. We replaced the old ripped plastic on the panels with some nice new green house plastic that I got by mail order. My experiment this fall is a couple of fluorescent lights in the frame. I have a nice tray full of seedling greens and there isn't enough sunlight any more to support growth. Still nice and warm, so I will see what happens.


jengod said...


Mark Willis said...

Great harvest; great photos!

My Veggie Garden said...

That's one mighty harvest. Well done.

Unknown said...

Wow, you're still getting this much? My vegetable garden has really slowed down. It's a beautiful harvest!



elaine said...

I can't believe you're still getting that much at this time of year.

Howard the Plumber said...

Your blog posts have given me much pleasure over the past year or more, so I thought I'd send you something to enjoy this Fall season. Hope you like this: go to this link and click on the you tube item.

Hope you like Danish.

Lisa @ Life in Green said...

That is one great looking late October harvest.

How does your Meyer lemon tree do? Does it take moving inside well during colder months? I've always wanted one.

kathy said...

That's really nice Howard! Thanks for the link.