Thursday, October 20, 2011

today's harvest

harvest 007

I haven't been working in my garden much at all in the past couple months. My new business is keeping me very busy. The garden looks a bit unoccupied. Some weeds here and there. Little birds helping themselves. Old squash vines and corn stalks lying in the beds. But gardens can be very happy on their own. Late fall green are growing. And my harvest is still delicious. On Tuesday evening Skippy and I stopped by and filled up a bag with vegetables as fresh as they get.

I found one last patty pan summer squash, leeks, lots of small broccoli sprouts, potatoes, a few small beets, cilantro, mizuna, and arugula, a few small heads of lettuce, and a really heavy head of purple cabbage.


elaine said...

Looks like a good haul there - still plenty to be had if you look hard enough

David Andrews said...

You have a really great Gardening site skippy.

When you have the time - check out this gardening related blog post - as I think you may be interested -

biobabbler said...

wow, that is beautiful. the purple and white with the deep green looks like a still life, the colors work together so well.