Sunday, March 13, 2011


seedlings 019 seedlings 018
coldframe contents
seedlings new seedlings

These are photos of my seedlings over the past 2 weeks. The tray at the top was started Jan 28. Mostly lettuce, endive and onions. I put them out in the cold frame around March 1. Some of the seedlings frosted because I didn't realize the plastic panels of the cold frame ripped in the wind that week.

The bottom seedlings were started Feb 26. Broccoli, celery, frissee, dill, radicchio and more onions. They are ready to go out to the cold frame soon.


Anonymous said...

Writing the dates on these was smart! I wish I had thought of that. Looks like you have a good haul coming along.

meemsnyc said...

Oh wow, your seedlings look fantastic. My lettuce seedlings are looking a little leggy, I hope they bounce back.

Mark Willis said...

Kathy, your home garden looks very much like my own veg plot - I shall be visiting your blog again to see how we compare!