Wednesday, December 01, 2010

watching the thermometers

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My gardening has turned into watching the thermometers from inside the window. The bigger monitor has a sensor inside my cold frame, and the little one is outside. (The balmy 63.3 is inside the house.) I took this photo on a recent chilly night. The cold frame stays warmer when the temps dip low. They go up quite a bit when in the morning when I get a bit of sun on the frame. But right now, as I look, outside is 55* and inside the frame is 50*. The greens inside are still OK. I picked a dinner of broccoli by flash light last night - 2 minutes from garden to pan. I love it!


Matron said...

It's chilly here too! Just a few inches of snow and the whole of the London infrastructure falls apart!

kathy said...

Wow - snow in London already! We haven't seen a flake yet here in Boston.

Marian(LondonUK) said...

Yep it's here, pretty but so hard to get about. People moan, but I guess it's because until the last couple of years we generally don't get much snow. So we are not prepared with enough clearing machines etc. It must be a large investment. Forget the World Cup buy snow and ice clearers!!
OOps did we get the World Cup? Can you tell I follow football??
Marian (London UK)