Friday, December 03, 2010

garden fresh broccoli

broccoli harvest

I was out of vegetables that my son likes yesterday evening. Rather than go to the grocery store, I went to the cold frame. By flash light, I found a handful of little sprouts still on plants I started last spring. (My fall crop is still small - Looks like a winter crop if it survives that long.) I sliced the broccoli, fried it briefly in olive oil with crushed Thai hot chiles. Then added water and steamed 4 minutes. My son said it was good - there wasn't any left for me to try.


Vegetable Garden Cook said...

My little boy will eat broccoli out of the garden too, but not from the store. Funny how developed their little palates are. We have a lot to learn from children.

NYC Air Conditioning & Vent Cleaning said...

There is nothing more healthy than garden fresh and it also looks after the earth and controls pollution.So there should be support and encouragement for such hobbies.Well done.

Tanya Boracay said...

Oh great, it look fresh. I loved to eat broccoli and look healthy.

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