Wednesday, March 12, 2008

a very round number

I was surprised to catch so many zeros at once. Visitor 70,000 was from Kingston, Saint Andrew. Where's that? Jamaica! How wonderful. (I love blogging!) It seems like this visitor just stopped by for a second while googleing a term. I wonder what's going on down in the islands...


Anonymous said...

So, I'm curious how you can tell where someone is from just by viewing the blog & what info you can get. The reason I ask is that I have a cousin that I don't really like who started a blog and I like to read it, but don't want her to necessarily know that I am reading it. But, if she sees my location somehow, she might realize it's me.

Anonymous said...

Look at the site meter info on the RHS of the page. It contains an amazing amount of info!

kathy said...

My stats are all public, so if you click on my site meter I think you can see all the info I can. I can tell where the person's ISP is located (visitor 70,264 was in Skopje, Karpos, Macedonia!). I see what OS was used, their monitor resolution and how many seconds they had my page open, if they went to another page on my site after the home page. I see the page they were at before they came to my site - if they googled, I see the search term. And I see their IP address.

I think from the IP address, people with security clearance (police) search ICANN databases and figure out more ID information, but I wouldn't worry about it this.

She'll really only know that someone from your town was looking at her site.

I have a free meter, so when I sign on I only see the last 50 or so visitors. I get about 850 visits per day, so thats only about the last hour of visitors. Its a good tool for knowing where your traffic is coming from.

I just did a quick look at my last 60 visitors: 67% googled a term related to "vegetable garden", 15% used Google image search (I can't see the terms used here), 3% used aol search, and 1 person came from a link on another blog.