Saturday, March 15, 2008

my Community Garden information letter

OK. Here's my summary from a daylight read through:

- There is a new Commission overseeing the Gardens this year.
- New plots are assigned at noon April 12 (not April 1 as I was told before).
- All gardeners must attend Garden Clean Up Day (April 12) to remove trash and invasives in and around the Gardens. Free coffee, free seeds and information.
- There is a waiting list for plots this year. (I gather this is new. I hope I am still #2.)
- This year they want to make sure all plots are actively gardened. If not they will reassign.
- There are upcoming improvements to be made at the Gardens.

So, I need to add 12 days to my countdown timer. But its fun to receive the information and to mail in my application.

Belmont Victory Garden

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