This is a journal of my vegetable gardens. Skippy was my first dog and he always thought the garden was his. Even though I do all the work, he always stood by me. I'm located near Boston (in USDA zone 6A). I have a community plot and a backyard vegetable garden. I use sustainable organic methods and try to grow all of my family's vegetables.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

melted snow on the south slopes

old road on the south slope

After a couple inches of rain yesterday, we have wonderful stretches of BARE GROUND! And lots of slush and mud. I know its just a spring teaser and we'll have more snow and cold, but its nice.

A friend asked today if I've planted any seeds yet. No, none yet. But it won't be long now. My plan was to get going mid Feb, but I think I'll start sooner this year. Maybe next week. For now, I just have the sweet potatoes - I'm gradually collecting a few more of different varieties from the supermarket and hoping a few will sprout.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Greenfield farmer's market is a great little place to visit! I have a sibling in Greenfield, and we meet up a lot to go there during the summer months, I didn't realize they had the market still going on! I will have to find out if my sister was aware of this. Enjoy your (hopeful) weekend country side drive.

January 27, 2010 1:08 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Kathy,
I got almost all of my seeds planted and I've got tons of sprouts :-) In Southern California it is not too early to plant seedlings. You might remember you gave me some advice on starting seeds and links to previous blog posts. I ended up getting heat mats and they've made a difference, I think. Things are a bit of a mess still, but, the important thing is that I got everything started. Now it is onwards to finish the trellises and preparing the raised beds ...

I am planning to give away any seedlings that I don't plant. I don't have the heart to thin them out :-)

I read your blog on sweet potatos. I've been thinking of starting some too. So, I should just go to the store and get some? I've read about how to start seedlings. I just didn't know I could get brands from the store.


p.s. Do you have any comments on growing potatos?

January 27, 2010 4:57 PM


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