Saturday, November 19, 2016

Roger Swain's vegetable variety list

Here's a list of vegetable varieties Roger Swain recommended in my master gardener class:

Onion: Stuttgart
Peas: Oregon Giant snow pea (3.5 ft tall) "the finest pea out there"
Lettuce: Black Seeded Simpson (has the best taste)
Cabbage: Murdock (big!), for storage: Danish Ball Head
Turnips: Hakurei
Kohlrabi: Kossak (big)
Potatoes: Green Mountain
Carrots: Dragon (purple), Nantes (orange)
Eggplant: Hansel and Gretel (small cluster forming fruits, Hansel is deep purple, Gretel is white)
Pepper: Habanada (a heatless habanero)
Corn: Mandan Bride (a Flint corn for grinding - don't grow sweet corn, buy locally)
Beans: Fortex, Brockton Horticultural, cow peas
Cucumbers: Silver Slicer, Salt and Pepper (pickling)
Melon: Sarah's Choice
Watermelon: Sugar Baby

I think I'll select several from this list to try next year. I liked Mr Swain's comment that you don't need to grow all your favorites every year, just pick a few. For me "a few" is about 50, but it's a good thought to rotate through different varieties.

My thoughts for my garden next year:
Potatoes: I'll grow just one variety (rather than 4 as I have been): Green Mountain
Peas: definitely try Oregon Giant snow pea (plus my old favorite, Sugar Snap)
Eggplants: I'll try Hansel and my favorite eggplant from last year
Corn: I'd try Mandar Bride if I had a grinder
Beans: Brockton Horticultural sounds good to try


admin said...

I like the sweet corn suggestion! It makes perfect sense. Love nantes...also love purple dragon, but had a seed accident this year and didn't plant them.... Congratulations on your Master Gardener status by the way :-)!

Susan said...

I grew up with Black Seeded Simpson and haven't thought of it in many years. It was an easy grower and I don't think it was quick to bolt. Good in salads and on sandwiches, with a balance of tender and crisp. Maybe we add it to our list for the coming year.