Monday, November 28, 2016

my first seed catalog!

Now I have my reading material! I'm excited to see all the pictures and descriptions of vegetables, herbs, and flowers. I think I might get my seed order in early this year.

johnny's catalog IMG_9397
So many vegetables to choose from. And this is only ONE catalog so far.
johnny's catalog eggplants IMG_9401 johnny's catalog squash IMG_9399


Dana K said...

I got my first catalog today. I've already started marking it up!

kathy said...

I love the catalogs! Mine is full of circles already. I figured I'd mark it up and then see what seeds I already have and then decide what I really have room to grow next year.

Anonymous said...

I use to love receiving catalogs but they ended up piling up in my library from 10-15 different seed companies each year.Online shopping has become the way of the future sadly. But I will say out of all the seed companies I've recently fell in love with Eden Brothers seed company besides their awesome website I'm truly impressed by their seeds.