Saturday, February 28, 2015

goodbye to coldest and snowiest February

Its the last day of a remarkable month. February 2015 has ended up breaking records in Boston as the second coldest and the snowiest February ever (64.8 inches - 5.4 feet). At least its a short month. I hope March is better.

March is not starting out great: a snowstorm is forecast soon that is supposed to break our snowfall record making 2015 the snowiest winter on record in Boston. (We're at 102 inches now - the record is here is 107.)

I suppose some people love the snow, but at this point, it's really in the way. Parking and driving are difficult, roofs are collapsing and it takes so long to clear after each storm. I hear the kids will need Saturday classes this spring to make up for snow days. And I was at a talk by a Mass wildlife official tonight who said wildlife is suffering. She noted, as I've seen in our yard, that there are hardly any wildlife tracks around now. The animals are just lying low, waiting til the snow thaws. You can't walk in 5 feet of powder without snowshoes.

On a positive note, I'm really glad to be planting seeds and am eagerly watching for my first seedlings to sprout.


Margaret said...

I just made a comment on my last post that I don't understand why people wait until May to get all of their plants. Sowing some seeds in the depth of winter & seeing those little seedlings appear really does lift your spirits.

kathy said...

It sure does!! I am eagerly watching for my first little onion sprouts now. But maybe the broccoli I planted last night will sprout first. It's fun.

David Denolo said...

I just noticed my Wala Wala onions that I planted on Feb 23rd just germinated in my 65F pump house. Time for the grow lights.

George G said...

That's an incredible amount of snow you have to cope with.
Its hard to imagine down here in Australia going through summer now.
I love the way you start seed so early.
I hope to try this next winter.

Angie said...

I love seeing the little sprouts, and I get smug satisfaction when I harvest that all those little babies came from seeds.

Karen Anne said...

Above freezing yesterday here in RI and rain. Actually saw some ground in areas. Now it's back to snowing.