Saturday, January 27, 2007

more seeds

more seeds
The rest of my seed order arrived today. I can begin planting them on April 15th, if the weather is like its been in most previous years. Two and a half months away. That's 77 days - but who's counting? Actually I am. I just added a countdown clock to my sidebar so I don't miss planting day.



Unknown said...

Are those beans that Skippy is laying claim to in the picture? Hope you're planting the varieties he likes! ;)

kathy said...

Well, I shook the bean package and then moved my hand away real quick and shot the picture. He did like the sound of the beans seeds! Those are "rare" Italian pole bean seeds from Seeds of Change. They sound great. I'm looking forward to growing them!

Ottawa Gardener said...

I think I see a variety pack of peppers... mmm.. and is that dinosaur kale at the far left. Shows you how crazy us gardeners are, we want to intepret fuzzy seed pics too.

kathy said...

Yes that's dinosaur kale! Good eyes. But what looks like a variety pack of peppers is actually a free seed pack that Seeds of Change sent me with my order. Its French dinant celery, a vege I had a lot of trouble growing last year. Oh well, it was really nice of them to send me a free pack. I don't like to start seeds indoors, as one needs to do with celery, so I'll see what happens if I seed it directly in the garden in the spring with my lettuce.